Mona Andrews, CEO

How We Got In The Game

Throughout her twenty-years in business, Mona Andrews has watched countless friends, colleagues and family members struggle to balance caregiving with their careers.

“Women were fighting their way into a corporate structure that didn’t support them. Now, despite the fact that gender-equality awareness is increasing, caregivers end up leaving the workforce entirely simply because the architecture is antiquated.”

Frustrated by the lack of options, Andrews formed Stay In The Game in 2017 to end the gender parity gap by offering alternative work structures to meet the needs of caregivers, particularly during the first 10-12 years of caregiving.


Get Back In The Workforce:

Stay In The Game
 provides opportunities for competent, educated individuals who have been out of the workforce. Now, they can get back in the game and put their talents to work.

We offer jobs, training and community support.

Downshift For Work + Life Balance:

Those who are struggling to find a balance between their careers and caregiving can “downshift” with the Stay In The Game model, enjoying remote, flexible work.

“There are over 10 million full-time stay-at-home moms with bachelor’s degrees,” says Andrews. “If we can build future female talent pipelines, we’re not just going to Stay In The Game, we’re going to win it.”