Did you know that 3.9 million Americans reported working from home at least half of the time in 2018? This accounts for approximately 2.9% of American workers, and trends indicate that this number is only going to increase significantly in the coming years, especially as more working professionals begin to build their family. With so much more focus shifting towards remote work, Americans should learn how to find the right remote work for them.

According to a study from FlexJobs, more than one-third of employees in today’s workforce will be working remotely in the next ten years. While significant progress has been made offering remote work, it can still be difficult for a professional to find a remote job in their field. It is significant to understand what remote work is, and how it differs from an in-house job.  We have provided the information below to help you successfully land the right job for you.

Is Remote Work Right For Me?
Before diving into the job searching process, you must begin by determining if remote work will benefit you and your needs as both a working professional and a caregiver. For some, remote work is the perfect opportunity to stay within the workforce and maintain their industry knowledge. You may find that remote work is the right fit, because you create higher quality work from being in a traditional office setting. It is important to understand how the work structure could vary, and how it could affect your work moving forward.

For many, the idea of being able to work wherever they wish can be appealing, but that does not mean that it is the best fit. If a person feels that they work more efficiently in an office setting, a remote job may not be the right choice. Professionals who can work from anywhere, under most conditions, may find remote work is a good option for them.

Creating Your Resume
It is tempting to use a current resume from searches for in-person jobs without making adjustments, but there are a couple of key differences. To begin, remote work will often require a significant amount of virtual communication, so listing both strengths as a communicator, and experience with communication software is important.

Additionally, providing information about your technical skills will help companies better understand what you are capable of doing within the job role. For instance, if you have access to a Windows Computer, but the position requires an Apple template, that can quickly become a problem. Lastly, including information about larger projects that required little supervision is great experience to include in your resume, as it shows that you have successfully completed high-quality work without consistent supervision.

Searching For The Right Remote Job
After determining that remote work is a good fit and completing an updated resume, the next step is to begin the actual job search itself. While it may seem like the same process as a standard job search, finding remote work can be time-consuming. Luckily, the growth in remote work has also influenced more recruiting companies to focus on offering more remote jobs than before.

Remote, flexible work is often important for women who are balancing their career and caregiving responsibilities.  Companies such as Stay in the Game were founded to solve the important social need to see educated and motivated women more adequately represented in the corporate world. The CEO, Mona Andrews and her dedicated team of experts are building talent pipelines, creating economic opportunities and keeping women employed. Stay In The Game also connects business to the benefits of hiring remote workers.

Additional job boards for women include:

While these steps will improve your chance when searching for remote work, it is important to remember that the process can take time and patience.  By properly preparing for a job search, you can increase your chance of success of landing the right remote job for you.

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