As more evidence continues to build on the importance of flexible and remote work, women nationwide are working together to provide these types of opportunities. At Stay In The Game, we are not only passionate about helping women who are struggling to remain in the workforce after becoming a caregiver, but we provide them with the flexible work that they need to be successful.

One of the things that makes Stay In The Game such an incredible company is its employees. They work closely with women around the nation to find the right job for them with Stay In The Game. To honor our incredible employees, we will be highlighting a new employee each month. This month, we want to honor Kara Lawrence, who originally began working with Stay In The Game in March 2018 as a Placement Coordinator with American University.

What do you like about working at Stay In The Game?
I love being surrounded by smart, independent women who are passionate about their work and their families. The flexibility that Stay in the Game offers is so important. With eight kids of my own at home, there’s frequently something that requires me to be able to step away from work. The management at SITG understands that – celebrates it, really – and working in an environment where you feel trusted to still get your work done is such a refreshing change of pace from my previous corporate career. 

What is your professional background?
Most recently I served as an Executive Assistant/Event Planner for a nonprofit technology association. Prior to that, I taught K/1 and 4th grade. I have a Masters degree in Elementary Education. 

Who are some entrepreneurs that you admire? Why?
I really love that more women are feeling empowered to step into the entrepreneurial space. Some of my favorites are Glennon Doyle (founder of Momastery and Together Rising and author of Love Warrior), J.K. Rowling (author and founder of all things Harry Potter), and Myleik Teele (founder and CEO of CurlBOX). 

What are some of the best lessons you have learned in your career?
“It’s never too late to stop where you are right now and just decide to be better” -Myleik Teele

Why do you think flexibility in the workplace is so important?
Flexibility allows employees to work a schedule that caters to their needs. I love that I can take an extended lunch break to go to an appointment or have lunch with one of my kids and make up that time later. 

If you had the power to go back in time and change anything about your career, would you change anything? Why or why not?
I really wouldn’t change anything. I made some missteps in my career, but they all got me to this point, and I really can’t imagine a job better suited to where I am in life than this one!

About Kara Lawrence
Kara has had an interest in and passion for education since the first grade, when she decided that she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. She went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Transylvania University (Lexington, KY) and her Master’s degree from Georgetown College (Georgetown, KY). She taught kindergarten, first grade and fourth grade for several years in Central Kentucky before deciding to stay at home with her two daughters. When she re-entered the workforce, she opted for the corporate world and worked in operations and event management for a non-profit tech association. Needing more flexibility than that position offered, and feeling a tug to get back to her love of education, Kara found Stay in the Game and has enjoyed being able to work in the field of education again.

Kara lives in Lexington, KY with her wife and their eight children. She enjoys reading, writing and running in her (very limited) spare time.