Delivering Impact
Through Talent

We have two options for Accounts Receivable support:
– Provide the talent for your Accounts Receivable team
– Manage and transform your Accounts Receivable processes for you

Either way, we increase your margins, cash flow and timely payments!

Stay in the Game

We save you costs and support your Accounts Receivable needs.

3 Strategic Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Business Processes

Tap the power of fully integrated project managers and skilled professionals while saving money in labor
Free up your internal teams to focus on core growth-generating activities

Accelerate your ability to achieve your organizational goals

Assemble Your Perfect Partnership

Streamline Your Back Office

Stay In The Game provides dedicated onshore skilled professionals specializing in two areas: Accounts Receivable and Education Services. And because we specialize in these areas, we’ll simplify your operations and provide you with insights to enhance your business performance. Learn about how our services save you valuable time and money.

Build a Better Customer Experience

Customers today are well-informed and highly interactive, which means that every connection with them matters. Good connections lead to advocates who promote your business while bad connections undermine growth.

How it works

Define Your Unique Plan

Whether it’s customer engagement or back-office systems, we start with a problem that’s holding your business back and create a customized plan to solve that problem.

Assemble The Perfect Team

After scoping your project, we hire and assemble a perfect team of onshore project managers and skilled professionals to do the work, saving you money in labor and management.

Manage the Project

Our team seamlessly integrates the project into your operations. We provide you with on-demand updates and insights into how the project is progressing.

Deliver Ongoing Results

The value of our expertise compounds over time as we actively streamline your operations and provide key insights that spur growth.

Position Your Company as Socially Responsible

As a women-owned company with an ethnically diverse workforce, Stay In The Game is committed to diversity and inclusion.

Learn how to promote your diversity goals by partnering with us.