We are a business process outsourcing company that uses highly skilled talent to deliver scale and efficiency straight to your bottom line.

We have access to a highly educated talent pool.  43% of our applicants have master’s degrees.

We (and our valued clients) are solving an important social need to keep women in the workforce. We are able to do this by utilizing our expertise in remote, disbursed workforces.

There are distinct differences between Staffing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):

With BPO, Stay In The Game takes full responsibility for managing the project. We assign our skilled employees and project managers to handle the tasks and deliver the desired Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) directly to you.


Staffing is a service we offer where we provide you with qualified employees who become a part of your team. These employees are under your management and report directly to you.

We collaborate with universities nationwide that offer online and on-campus programs, connecting students with local internship opportunities in majors such as Social Work, Nursing, Physician’s Assistant, Education, Physical Therapy, and Counseling. Proudly partnering with these institutions, we provide administrative and general education services, career and placement, admissions and enrollment, financial aid services, and retention services.

Stay In The Game collaborates with companies of various sizes, ranging from Fortune 1000 enterprises to startups. Our primary focus is to deliver value to your organization, regardless of its size.  

Sponsorship is a program where your company covers the training costs for a group of qualified candidates in high-demand jobs. The training typically lasts for 4 to 6 months. At the end of the training period, you then select and hire the candidates whom you believe would be the most valuable additions to your team.

Sponsorships offer the advantages of building a qualified talent pool, a shorter training timeframe, impact on DEI initiatives, creation of future-ready employees, and positioning your company as a gender equity advocate.

Absolutely! Stay In The Game gladly provides pilot projects as part of our services.

A pilot project is a small-scale, limited-duration initiative designed to test and evaluate the feasibility, effectiveness, and potential impact of a particular solution, concept, or intervention.

With our streamlined processes and dedicated team, we can have your project staffed and operational in as little as 2 weeks. Our commitment to speed to service ensures that you can start benefiting from our solutions and expertise in the shortest possible time frame.

Before commencing any project, Stay In The Game employees will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your project and the company’s sensitive information.

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You can explore our Careers page, where we post our current job openings. If none of the current positions align with your interests, you can still join our Talent Pool.

The Talent Pool is a database that connects you to potential job opportunities within our company. By joining the Talent Pool, you gain access to our monthly newsletters, which provide valuable information, as well as quarterly webinars, free resources, and updates on new job openings. It serves as a platform to keep you informed and engaged with our company’s latest developments and career opportunities.

The Talent Pool is designed for individuals who are actively seeking employment opportunities.

Community is for those who may not be currently seeking work but are interested in staying connected for potential future employment. The Community also receives our monthly newsletters, valuable information, quarterly webinars, free resources, and updates on new job openings.

No, caregivers and non-caregivers alike are welcome to apply.

No, if you are onboarded, we will provide all the necessary equipment for you to perform your job.

No, prior experience working remotely is not a requirement for applying.

At Stay In The Game, we do not have specific requirements for employment. However, each job position will have its own criteria, which can vary based on client needs. While there are no fixed qualifications, we seek individuals who align with our Core Values. You can view our Core Values here.

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