Ready to Stay In The Game?

Hire Stay In The Game for business, finance, IT, customer and data services.

Incorporate the Stay In The Game model as a benefit to caregiving employees.

Business Services

Whether you have short or long-term needs, Stay In The Game is standing by with a qualified, savvy workforce skilled in data, IT, customer engagement and accounting services. We look forward to connecting with your supplier diversity program and bidding on your requests for proposal.


  • Exclusive access to highly motivated talent
  • Project Managers dedicated to your project
  • Avoid expensive temporary employees
  • Position your company as socially responsible

Stay In The Game finds excellent Placement Coordinators for our partner schools while working to provide a solution to an enormous challenge faced by professional women. That is a win for Noodle Partners as we look to support organizations making meaningful impact.”

– John Katzman, Founder, Noodle Partners

Incorporate Stay In The Game

Stay In The Game provides corporations the adaptable, flexible system they’ve been missing in order to minimize displacement and maximize productivity.

Instead of exiting the workforce altogether, caregivers become Stay In The Game employees, enabling them to continue working on company projects in adapted roles.

Then, when ready, they can “upshift” and reenter the workforce.

It’s called a win-win.


  • Acts as a benefit for future employees
  • Keeps talented workers in the pipeline
  • Provides continuity for caregiving employees
  • Positions your business as a 21st century workplace
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A study which compared work from home employees vs in office found the work at home team made 13.5% more calls – essentially adding nearly an extra workday a week…

“Even though the American workforce has evolved dramatically over the course of my

lifetime, the American workplace has barely changed at all. It’s still designed largely by

and largely for people who look like my dad.”

– Melinda Gates