I ventured into the corporate world while still quite young, propelled by my ambition and the aspiration to leave a lasting impact in my chosen profession. The journey was exhilarating, and my passion for my work burned brightly. However, everything took a turn when my husband and I welcomed children into our lives.

The demands of the corporate realm suddenly became all-encompassing. I found myself in a constant balancing act between dropping off and picking up my children from school, along with the ever-present worry of potential illnesses or upcoming school breaks. Questions like, “Do I have enough available time off for this?” or “Can I take a break without facing scrutiny?” became a daily haunting. It became unmistakably clear that the conventional workforce treats individuals differently when they are parents or caregivers. While it may not always be intentional, this reality is undeniable.

During this challenging phase of my life, I discovered Stay In The Game, and it was a paradigm shift. I was genuinely astonished. It was hard to believe that there was a company out there offering such an extensive support system, as Stay In The Game does. They not only provide employment opportunities but also empower and uplift women and caregivers like me. It was the lifeline I had been desperately seeking.

Today, I am internally grateful for the privilege of working alongside colleagues who genuinely “get it.” They comprehend the unique challenges we encounter as parents and caregivers and extend unwavering support.

– Heather
Sales and Marketing Manager