Stay In The Game has been a lifeline for me, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic when I was juggling work and studying for an Individual Support (caregiving) course. As my first work-from-home company, they provided the flexibility I needed to meet my deadlines, which was incredibly supportive. When I hit my lowest point, they gave me a much-needed break, demonstrating just how much they truly value their employees.

I began my journey here as a Collection Specialist, and within just a few months, I was promoted to Administrative Support in 2021. Although I had to leave for personal reasons, I was thrilled to come back in early 2024. The team, including higher management, has always been so approachable and friendly, making me feel like I’m chatting with a friend even though I’m miles away in the Philippines.

Stay In The Game has genuinely stood out as one of the most impactful companies I’ve had the pleasure of working for, playing a significant role in both my personal and professional development.

Kim Ballesteros
Lead Generation Specialist