Remote Work Tips For Staying Connected

Remote Working: Tips for Staying Connected and Engaged


“How do you stay connected to your team when you’re working remotely?” That is something we at Stay in the Game think about since we started our remote business just before the pandemic. Let us share some of what has helped us feel connected and engaged while working remotely.

Tip #01: Stay Engaged

It’s important to stay engaged when you’re working from home. This means being active on social media, participating in online discussions, and staying up-to-date on company news. If you’re not engaged, it will be difficult for you to feel like part of the team.

Tip #02: Connect with Your Coworkers Offline

Although it’s important to stay connected online, it’s also important to connect with your coworkers offline. If possible. This can be done by attending team meetings in person, going out for lunch, or simply talking on the phone. By doing this, you’ll build relationships with your coworkers and feel more connected to the team.

Tip #03: Stay Organized

It’s important to stay organized when you’re working in a remote environment. This means creating a schedule and sticking to it, keeping track of deadlines, and staying organized in your work space. Being organized will allow you to be present when interacting with your coworkers.

Tip #04: Take Breaks

It’s important to take breaks often. This will help you stay refreshed and focused when you get back to work. Studies have shown that employees who do not take breaks have a much higher rate of burn out. In order to stay engaged and connected, we need to be rested. Breaks are important.

Tip #05: Have Regular Check-ins

Another way that you can stay connected is by having regular check-ins with your team members. These should happen at least once a week in order to make sure that everyone’s on the same page and staying updated about what needs to get done. Make sure you spend some time discussing non-work related items. Get to know your coworkers personally and professionally.

Tip #06: Be Flexible

It’s important to be flexible with your schedule. If something comes up and you need to change plans, that’s okay! The most important thing is that everyone stays productive and works hard while they’re at work. By being flexible, everyone will feel more comfortable when changes do happen because the team knows there won’t be any negative consequences if things don’t go according to plan.

How We Do It

At Stay In The Game, we try to keep our remote workforce engaged and connected in different ways.. We recently formed a “Fun” committee dedicated to planning fun, engaging and inspiring events to bring the team together. We tap into our employees unique skills outside of their “normal” job. For example, we recently instituted a team guided holiday de-stress meditation, led by one of our employees! In addition, we enjoy book clubs, wisdom Wednesday, virtual team yoga and our monthly virtual“water cooler” chat!

With remote working, it’s important to use the right tools and techniques to stay connected with your team.. By following these tips, you’ll be able to stay connected, engaged and productive!

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